White Privilege Update: White people breathe cleaner air

The Left are amazing creatures, and how they think should be mandatory study for all psychology majors. The latest declaration by Think Progress has me shaking my head!

In the latest round of Liberal Lunacy, the Think Progress group now says that white people breathe cleaner air than non-whites.

I KNEW there was a conspiracy!

White PrivilegeI was among some of my “white privilege” Liberal friends, and we were all just sitting around talking, and I noticed that they just would not shut up!

Those suckers droned on and on about how oppressed people are, particularly black people. Every time I tried to get in a word edgewise, one of those miscreants would take a deep breath and wax on for another fifteen minutes.

Now I know why.

I’m not sure if these people have ever visited people in Africa or gone outside of their Upper East Side utopias, but the air is pretty clean once you leave the urban indoctrination centers.

I grew up in the country and that air was as clean as it gets. And I never caught white people behind the barn breathing cleaner air than I did. I have seen white people in wheelchairs breathing oxygen, but I wouldn’t trade places with any of them. I prefer sticking to my dirty air, than emphysema.

What would a Liberal do, if they had to live in China and there were no white people to criticize daily?



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