Ferguson: You break you buy!

The situation in Ferguson was not about the death of Michael Brown, but perhaps the tragic birth of the new America.

Most people in America are filtered from the plight plaguing many Americans of color, in jails of their own invention; though with the help of white Liberal enablers.

Consider that the people who marched against the police (a government entity) have almost blind faith in government.

Or maybe not?


The sad truth is everybody knows that the death of a young black man in America is routine, even the occasional death by a cop. So why was there an explosion this time? Because he was shot six times?

What if he had been shot only once, would that have made a difference? Or was black America just ready to explode.

One report I read quoted 20-something neighbor of Brown who said,

“I’m tired of being looked at as another species, like we ain’t even human…”

This young man is upset at how the young black teen is viewed, as if white people held a committee meeting and decided to designate young black teens as threats. The black teen made the black teen a threat. The thug has made it bad for all young black men, but amazingly black Liberals want to blame cops.

Another of the youngsters said the Ferguson stores were burned and looted for a reason.

“I don’t condone it, I understand why they doing it. Throwing stuff at the police, because they’re throwing stuff at us…”

Do you see the lack of logic in that statement? I don’t. I’d certainly like to know why he understands it. The store owners didn’t shoot Michael Brown.

And what about the segue to the police? This kid wants us to believe that with all the media around, the cops began throwing things at the [peaceful] protesters, ergo the cops are the instigators.

“It ain’t no black and white thing. It’s a police against the people thing…It ain’t black and white because there are white people out here with us.”

He’s wrong. Those white people are the enablers. The meddlers who believe they are doing black people a favor. They see Ferguson (and all other black neighborhoods) as African safaris.

They leave Ferguson, and drive back to the safety and security of their white neighborhoods. And when the cake hits the fan, they watch from the comfort of their media rooms, conveniently forgetting that they were a major part of the problem.

Makes for nice cocktail party conversation or an eventual book deal, as they pen,

I survived the Ferguson riots!” – Stupid white bourgeois Liberal

All the kids question by CBS in the report had run-ins with the law. Miraculously they have all survived.

But the report finally got to the crux of the matter, and that’s the idleness of blacks.

In Ferguson, the unemployment rate for black men between ages 20 and 24 is 46 percent. Obama was supposed to solve this problem, right? He brags about his jobs reports, but the problem of black unemployment persists. How is that possible.

Liberal Democrats have been promising blacks all the “fairness” they can swallow, yet blacks continue to depend on government for their support.

One of the kids commented:

“If they don’t come and restore these neighborhoods for these people, like, we have to travel miles to go to Wal-mart and to get gas and stuff like that, when they used to be right here in the community. For people who stay here there’s going to be hell to pay,”

 So these fools burn down businesses, and they want somebody to rebuild them?

“You break, you buy,” is what I say.

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