Fight for ISIS, forfeit your citizenship

Don’t expect any sanity like this to come from our present gangster government, but the Norwegians government has had enough.

Norway had recently been on a week long terror alert (video):

The Norwegian government has announced that it is considering revoking citizenship from individuals taking part in terrorist activities and wars in the Middle East.

What took them so long?

As for the United States, most people believe that our government is welcoming the caliphate with open arms, and we are still waiting to see Obama eat pork.

Solveig Horne, Norway’s Minister of Children and Equality said,

“We will turn over every stone to find the necessary measures to prevent radicalisation and extremism…We will begin discussion about introducing regulations on revocation for any citizen causing serious damage to vital government interests or who has volunteered to serve in foreign military services.”

Norway is worried about Norwegian citizens traveling to Syria and Iraq to join the jihadists of ISIS, a problem that America has begun having, and that appears to be escalating.

Any theories as to why this is happening? I wrote recently that Obama is sending young teens to fight for ISIS. The fact is Liberalism is creating these morons. These kids are enthralled with fighting against governments who give everything to everybody, except opportunity.

I say let these youngsters live in Syria or Iraq for a few years, and have to get in line for legal citizenship, or get a visa to return to the U.S.

Tough love, biotch!


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