The REAL Economic Report: Casino closings

The government provides all kinds of reports, for example housing starts, unemployment, GDP, and so on, and generally the news ranges from “not too bad” to “great.”

Well it’s all nonsense. You don’t need a degree in Economics to understand what’s happening in the Era of O. There are many indicators. Take Ferguson looting.

The death of Michael Brown presented a money-making opportunity, and not just for the usual suspects, like profiteers Jackson and Sharpton. Michael Brown’s death provided profit even further down the food chain, a paycheck for those who feel disenfranchised, and not by the cops; disenfranchised by the promises that Liberalism can’t keep.

So when I saw this report that casinos are closing, I consider that a bread crumb, a bell-weather for the economy.


These latest casino closings are not the only casinos that have closed recently. President’s Casino closed in St. Louis not long ago, as did Harrah’s Tunica Casino in MS, and there are many others. Casinos are supposed to be “cash cows,” almost impossible to lose. Sure they work on thin margins, but when you run billions of dollar through them, thin margins mean big profits. Apparently not anymore.

It seems that the casinos are running out of suckers, and it doesn’t hurt that governments all over the country are in the vice business with the “lotto,” which is little more than government-sanctioned larceny.

The point is that when vice businesses are closing, that is a TRUE indicator of how bad things are. What next, the Mustang Ranch?

Sex may soon not sell, because everybody in America is a prostitute, working for the government.


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