Barkley: Black Liberals are brainwashed

There are lots of sellouts in the black community, but it’s not who the black community–mainly Liberals–think.

Charles Barkley did the black community a favor by exposing the dark dirty secret, as Barkley put it.

Black Liberals love to measure blackness. For them, there are things you can do that make you “more black,” and things that take away one’s “street cred.”


Barkley said:

“We as black people are never going to be successful- not because of you white people, because of other blacks.”

Barkley takes on the ignorance that abounds with Liberal blacks, showcased in the idea that if you aren’t poor and uneducated, you aren’t “black enough.” If you have been shot or been to prison, you are not black enough?

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The issue came from story about Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson being declared not black enough because he was getting too close to management.

LeBron James hangs out with Warren Buffet, is he still black? I will find a racist black Liberal and get back with you on that.


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