Liberal humanitarians: You’re joking, right?

Cities love you as long as you are producing. The problem is, in the Era of Nothingness known affectionately as The Era of Change We Can Believe In, there is nothing to believe in.

The truth is most people who live in cities are ants; merely there to feed that bloated queen, which in this case is represented by government. The average city dweller is barely getting by, and in the lives of the residents, the city rides the line between convenience and nuisance.

Far too often cities cross the line, and it’s occupants can no longer afford to live there. They ultimately get caught up in the rat race, and unfortunately get caught up in the criminal justice system.

 That’s what is happening to the homeless.


The latest report from the National Coalition for the Homeless found that since January 2013, 21 cities have restricted or flat-out banned feeding the homeless at all—and 10 municipalities have similar ordinances in the works.

The Democrat urban indoctrination centers are duplicitous in that they want people to live there, but in order to do so, you must be productive. You can’t shine a bad light on the city.

The reason for this is Democrats know that they are not willing to give a hand up, just a handout. So indeed the population of the homeless grows constantly. When the Democrat icon Obama is proud of the fact that welfare rolls have grown by 16,000,000 under his regime, you understand the root of the problem.

Obama and other Liberals create the very problem they are attempting to sweep under the rug. And as deceitful as the unemployment numbers, so is the Democrat’s attempt to rid their cities of the homeless.

Liberals have created an ecosystem where most people live on the razor’s edge balance precipitously between survival and homelessness, and it is our responsibility to hold them accountable. Make Obama and his minions explain the unemployment rate versus the growing number of people needing government help. Obama preached Wall Street versus Main Street, so prove that it’s working.

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