Where are those Obama ISIS butt-kicking updates

Remember when General Schwarzkopf was leading the fight against the Iraqi’s during the Gulf War, and we would get the updates on how our military was kicking Iraqi ass?

Well those days are over, son!

In case you have noticed that ISIS in not in the news, it’s not just because of Obola. It’s because there is no GOOD news to report for America’s Commander-in-Grief.

Check out State Department “spokesliar,” Jen Psaki as she is at a loss for words:


Schwarzkopf must be looking down from Heaven shaking his head at what the American military has become. The most recent reports I get…from BRITAIN, show that ISIS is acquiring more and more territory and are dangerously close to taking the Iraqi capital.

What comfort the Iraqis who believed in Bush’s War must feel with Obama at the helm of America’s war machine.

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