Obama tweeting about his record

Obama is a history revisionist of the highest order. but this may be his best work yet.

Obama is rewriting WEATHER!


Obama tweeted,

“We are the the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Obama tweet on climate change

I don’t know about Liberals, but I have felt weather my entire life. Everybody who has been through a tornado, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, mudslide, forest fire, heat wave, cold wave or whatever has felt the impact of weather.

How vain of the skinny Kenyan to believe that this generation is the only one who has experienced any of the weather-related natural disasters? But that only covers the first part of this nonsense.

Obama apparently believes that we are the last generation? Why would we be the last generation, and how would Obama know? Is this just a typical narcissistic utterance of Obama, or are we the last generation.

Interesting tweet in the time of Obola.


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