Slam-a-lam a Dem Dong

I love a good slam, and Drew Magary’s pile drive of St. Louis Mayor, Democrat Francis Slay is epic!

The tirade was based on something Slay wrote in reference to the St. Louis Cardinals. That said, I wholeheartedly disagree with the author on the Cards, as they are amazing supporters of my charity work in the city, and by the way ROCK baseball. GO CARDS!

But as for Magary’s summation of Snake Slay, he could not be more correct.


The theme of the excerpt is directed at Slay’s resume:

The other day, the Wall Street Journal accurately noted that the Cardinals are the most loathsome team in this year’s playoffs. Well, Mayor Francis Slay (NOTE: quality lead singer name) wasn’t about to take that shit lying down. He took time off from arming the police with rail guns yesterday to pen an op-ed in the WSJ, defending the Cardinals and then doing that thing all politicians do where they trump up their voting district like they’re listing their own personal résumé. 

I too have a problem with politicians padding their accomplishments, particularly when they are disingenuous Leftist liars. And talk about timing, with the St. Louis region still smarting from the press of Ferguson. Yet in his WSJ OpEd, Slay begins with.

St. Louis to America: Don’t Be Jealous

Magary continues…

That’s the headline. We’re already off to a bad start here, because I can assure you that NO ONE in the contiguous 48 states is jealous of St. Louis. No one sitting in Miami right now is like, “Damn, if only I lived in SAINT LOUIS. Then I could have a gun pointed at me every day!” This headline is an announcement that the mayor of a somewhat-major American city is about to accuse the rest of the country of being BUTTHURT, like a standard dipshit on Twitter.

It only gets better from here. To read more of Magary’s excoriation of the Mayor of a city that is rotting from within, go here



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