NYC Mayor’s aide is one BIG bad apple

How did this Liberal chick get a job working the mayor of NY with her background?   Her former boss Al Sharpton might have something to do with it.

Rachel Noerdlinger is going on leave after her 17-year old son, Khari Noerdlinger was arrested on misdemeanor trespassing charges. Is that really the reason?

Rachel’s stepping down from a job that pays $170,000 a year is perplexing, since her son’s crime is a misdemeanor; and the judge agreed to dismiss the teen’s case if he completes a day of community service and avoids rearrest. There has to be more to this story.


Perhaps the drug possession charge of her boyfriend Hassaun McFarlan has something to do with it? McFarlan got pulled over by the police while driving with Rachel and her son, when he caught the charge. So she was very aware that McFarlan is a drug user, and she’s ok with that.

As it turns out Noerdlinger left a few things out of her disclosure during a background check.

For example, he has a tax lien, and her dope-using boyfriend lives with her. Why is this relevant?

Rachel worked for the race-pimping, cop provoking Al Sharpton, so it might have been good to know that her boyfriend, McFarlan pleaded guilty to manslaughter 21 years ago and mocked police as “pigs” on Facebook.

There is not a “cop” problem in America. There is a bureaucrat problem, when the people with access to power are criminals who do their best to make cops look bad.

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