ObamaCare: The Great Bait and Switch

Being screwed by Obamacare is now an annual event.

If you are on ObamaCare and want to keep your plan, you can expect to pay much more in 2015…and 2016…and 2017…and so on.

Of course, you can change your plan to one that costs the same as the current one does, if you don’t mind that the new plan will suck even more than the one you were forced to get last year!

From The New York Times:

The new data means that many of the seven million people who have bought insurance through federal and state exchanges will have to change to different health plans if they want to avoid paying more — an inconvenience for consumers just becoming accustomed to their coverage

It looks like Obamacare hasn’t gained any new fans. According to the latest AP poll, “if forced to choose between repealing the law and implementing it, 56 percent of Americans would repeal it.”

Jonathan Gruber spilled the beans, and Obama doesn’t know him. The man earns the same amount of money as Obama, $400,000 a year, and has earned over $2 million designing and selling the snake oil called ObamaCare, but Obama found out about him in the media!

Obama and other Democrats have reason to disavow each other, and ultimately disavow ObamaCare. The Times provides an example rate hike from Nashville that has people throwing fits:

A 40-year-old in Nashville, with the cheapest midlevel, or silver plan, will pay $220 a month next year, compared to $181 a month this year, for the same plan. The least expensive plan is offered by another insurer, Community Health Alliance, one of the so-called co-op plans created under the federal law. It offers coverage for a monthly premium of $194.

But the lower premium [ed: which is still higher than the 2014 premium] means that consumers will have to pay a much larger annual deductible, $4,000, rather than $2,000. A policyholder who becomes seriously ill or has a costly chronic condition could pay hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition, different health plans often have different networks of doctors and hospitals and cover different drugs, meaning that consumers who change plans may have to pay more for the same medicines.

You have to love how Obama has simplified healthcare and made it less expensive!


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