The Obama’s may have a rough two years ahead

Barack Obama flirting? With a woman?!

We saw Obama in action with the Danish prime minister, the very lovely Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Mandela’s funeral, so could it be that Obama is “tippin’?”

There have been rumors that Black Camelot is not all it’s cracked up to be, and I believe some of it. But Obama still has a lot to lose, despite being a lameduck president.

Are the latest tabloid rumors a hint that Obama just doesn’t give a damn anymore, even about Michelle?

Michelle Obama allegedly told her husband, Barack Obama, to “get out” of the White House after he “hit” on an engaged woman while voting in Chicago recently.  When Michelle Obama saw the video of the incident with her husband she hit the roof. …The way it’s going, Barack may be living elsewhere by the time his second term ends. Michelle’s about to kick him out for good!



As President, Obama is oblivious to reality and the detrimental effects his policies have on American citizens.  As a husband, has this attitude trickled down into his marriage.

Supposedly, early this year, Michelle supposedly told Barack to “steer clear of Kim’s oversized butt,” Kim being that of the Kardashian clan. She even had Secret Service officials keep Kim away from them at a gala hosted by Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles.

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