Liberal POS cop-killer should have been in PRISON

Brinsley is a Liberal’s wet dream…a cop killer!

Move over strong-armed robbing, cop-attacking Michael Brown, there is a new Liberal America civil rights icon.

This POS cop killer should have been rotting UNDER a jail, yet he was able to walk around freely, ultimately killing two NYPD cops.

He was not an inmate, because of Liberalism.


How many brushes with the law do you need to get arrested and STAY arrested? Rhetorical question. What we do know is it’s at least 20 times.

Yes, Ismaaiyl “the gentle giant who was on his way to college” Brinsley had been arrested 20 times, his crimes ranging from stealing condoms from a Rite Aid in Ohio to shooting a stolen gun in a public street in Georgia. I’m guessing that’s when he shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach.

Apparently in the urban indoctrination center where he Brinsley lived shooting a woman in the stomach is not a war on women, nor is it a reason to put a black man in jail.

So how did Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a guy who SHOT A WOMAN, end up in New York City to kill two cops? Easy answer: Brinsley is a creation of the Left.

I guess the NSA was too busy spying on Conservatives to track a deranged Muslim bragged about soon killing two police officers, boarded a bus in Baltimore, arrived in Midtown Manhattan just before 11 a.m., and then disappeared onto the N train at the Times Square subway stop.

Perhaps the murder of these cops could have been prevented if Conservatives were texting things like “America,” “patriot,” “Tea Party” or “Christmas?”

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