Sick Leftist maggots happy NYPD cops were killed

The Daily Beast reported the sick trend in Liberal America, which is to blame the good guys.

No matter what the Left tries to get people to believe, the FACT is that cops are the good guys. I wish I had to power to TAG Leftists, so when cops come on a crime scene, they can quickly determine who to help and who to abandon.

Frankly, I’m sick of these Leftist maggots, and “game on!”


Even the very Liberal Daily Beast reported on the sick behavior of their ilk.

M.L. Nestel was the reporter on the scene, and he changed original title from “Sick cheers for cop killer in Brookly,” to “Anger at The Cop Killer — And The Police.” Here is his description the execution of two police officersr:

[T]he scene outside Woodhull Hospital wasn’t entirely supportive. “You’re a bunch of killers,” a passerby told cops standing sentry there, according to one police source. And short distance from the crime scene — where a crowd was backed up by the police tape — a few members of the crowd repeated “f*ck the cops” within earshot of a Daily Beast reporter.

One 30-year-old local who gave his first name only as Carlos, didn’t hear the fatal gunfire but saw the hysteria aftewards and walked to the police tape.

“A lot of people were clapping and laughing,” he said.

“Some were saying, ‘They deserved it,’ and another was shouting at the cops, ‘Serves them right because you mistreat people!’” he said.



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