Kaboom: Another explosive welfare benefit

The American economy is so bad even our terrorists are broke.  Our terrorists are so broke…[How broke are they?!]

The terrorists known as the New Black Panther Party –  who recently tried to bomb the Gateway Arch, and had planned to kill Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson and St. Louis Prosecutor Robert McCulloch –  didn’t have enough available funds on their  food stamp SNAP/EBT to buy bomb materials.

The two first purchased bombs from an undercover FBI agents with the cash they got from an EBT card.

They wanted to buy more, but they had exhausted the funds available on the card. Don’t these terrorists know that it’s cheaper to make than to buy?

They should have gone to Home Depot, bought pipe, nails, fuses, and other products, as I’m sure no one would have batted an eye, given that these cards are supposedly to purchase FOOD!

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