What’s worse than having to put cable in your kid’s name?

Just when I think I know what bad parenting is, I learn of a new low.

How’s this black Liberal man for potential Father of the Year or at the very least the poster child for Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program?

Police in Alabama stopped 23-year old Kenneth Bell on Dec 8 on suspicion he was moving drugs. I know…profiling.

A drug-sniffing dog detected the presence of narcotics in the car, and police ordered Bell, his two daughters and their mother out of the vehicle.


As it turns out, Bell had 14 grams of heroin hidden in his 2-year-old daughter’s diaper. Believe it or not, the tip on the location of the drugs came from the girl’s 5-year-old sister, according to authorities.

Bell’s elder daughter then told detectives that “Daddy put something in sister’s diaper,” Mangina said.
Too bad this little girl wasn’t old enough to know that “snitches get stitches.”
So either the 2-year old girl is the goose that lays heroin eggs, or Daddy Bell is a drug smuggler who is willing to involve his “chirrens.”

Police had the girls’ mother undress the toddler, at which point they saw a bulge in her diaper caused by a bag of heroin, with an estimated street value of $2,500, Mangina said.

Now for Liberals, this is a “feel good” story. It was a father spending time with his kids, an intact family unit. So what dude was using the appearance of “family” to run his drug selling hustle. At least he was TRYING!

The children were released to their mother, who was not arrested, and state child welfare officials are investigating the case. We all know that “moms” was involved as well, so don’t front. You can bet that next time Daddy is pulled over for something that 5-year old will know to keep her mouth shut.


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