White Cop Indicted for Killing Black Man

Here is a dirty cop story you likely won’t hear about in the lamestream media.

That’s because when a white cop is indicted for killing a black man, the Left can’t race pimp.

And that’s what happened recently in South Carolina, where former police chief of Eutaville, Richard Combs was indicted by a grand jury after killing Bernard Bailey during an altercation in 2011.

The policeman, Richard Combs is white, and Bernard Bailey was black. A three-year federal investigation found that the killing was not a hate crime, the investigation being part of the reason for the delay in getting the case to court.


Carl B. Grant, the lawyer for Bailey’s family made a point of saying that this wasn’t Ferguson or New York, where the Grand Juries found no reason to indict:

“They found probable cause. Justice will be served. The brand of justice, ironically, in this state is proven at this moment across America.  It may even be higher than that we see in New York City.” Grant said.

Doris Bailey, the widow of Bernard, commented:

“That’s comparing apples to oranges.” she said in reference to the other incidents around the country.

Last Spring Bailey’s family won a wrongful death lawsuit of $400,000 against the city of Eutaville.

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