CNN’s Jim Clancy has Twitter tantrum

It’s fascinating seeing how the aftershocks of the French terror attack are rattling the liberal’s capacity to push their lies over here.

CNN reporter, (I use the term loosely) took all of his toys and went home from Twitter, when called on the carpet for blaming the Jews for the recent attack in Paris.

You see, liberals have selective “amnesia” conveniently forgetting, or twisting what doesn’t suit their agenda, sorta like Pelosi telling us, “The Qataris have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.”

As MRC reports:

CNN’s Jim Clancy has been with the network for 32 years. His network’s bio says that he “brings the experience of more than three decades covering the world to every newscast on CNN International.” He also apparently has a lot of pent-up feelings about the Middle East. Those feelings boiled to the top over Twitter early Thursday. Clancy started it all by claiming that the cartoons published by journalists who were killed in the Charlie Hebdo massacre on Wednesday “NEVER mocked the Prophet. They mocked how the COWARDS tried to distort his word. Pay attention.” It went downhill from there, both factually and professionally.

It appears that Clancy was saying that Charlie Hebdo was pro-Muslim? I guess the rest of us [infidels] are the “COWARDS [who are trying] to distort his word?”

See Jim Clancy’s meltdown at Newsbusters:


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