Josh Earnest: Lame Excuses for Lame Duck

Obama doesn’t have a press secretary, he has a whipping boy.

Josh Earnest brings a knife to a gun fight when he faces the press corps.


When asked why the White House didn’t send somebody worthwhile to France for the march against the crazy terrorists, here i what Earnest came up with:

There wasn’t enough notice. But enough notice for 50 other world leaders.
Kerry was in India. The President of India came.
There are lots of people and security and stuff. As there was for the other 50 leaders.
Holder, while in France had to catch a plane. Likely full of terrorists he was sneaking out.

The simple truth is that if Obama wanted to go, he would have gone. If they had told him he could golf, he would have gone.

But now that the White House has polled the situation, they are escaping down their rat holes.

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