Gowdy threatens Democrats with getting to truth

Hard to believe that chief Benghazi interrogator, Republican Trey Gowdy wants to actually speak to witnesses!

I know the Left sees the interrogation of the people who were actually INVOLVED as bizarre; however Gowdy seems determined to do just that.

Who knows what might happen if the Obama administration would actually produce witnesses who have all the details of the Benghazi attack?

In the logic of the Left, they are not quite sure what people who have all the details would reveal. Thus they have yet to allow these people, most of whom have disappeared like a fart in the wind, to appear before Congress.


Like Gowdy said, “If you want all the truth, you have to have all the information.”

House Benghazi committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Wednesday he won’t bow to Democrats’ demands in a bitter dispute over access to witnesses and information.

Gowdy is referring to a letter he received on Wednesday, whereby the committee’s five Democrats objected to his plan to go forward with 22 “unilateral and unnecessary” subpoenas to State Department officials without any committee debate or vote.

Gowdy reminded them that Democrats have refused multiple times to accept a negotiated rules package over demands for veto power over subpoenas. He added he’s tried to work out a compromise but that Democrats have refused.

In other words, Gowdy will use his PEN AND HIS PHONE, and the truth will NOT set some Democrats free!


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