According to sources, Gagan said the escort Sunday was originally meant to double as a training exercise for how Richmond would handle VIP visits.

Did you catch that? Jesse Jackson is nothing more than training for when the city gets REAL VIPS!

Capt. Gagan said that the detail started out with two motorcycles and a cruiser. By the big day, however, the number of officers signing up for the detail had grown to 11. Apparently, none was turned away.

“The first I heard of the real size was when you called,” Gagan is quoted as saying.

Gagan then tried to take the fall, but leave himself an out.

“The responsibility falls on me. But the Rev. Jackson is very popular here, and his visit was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.”

It was reported that when Jackson arrived at his speaking engagement, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt greeted him with a certificate declaring Sunday Jesse Jackson Day.

LOL. A day of rest declared Jesse Jackson Day.