WHAT?! Liberalism maybe not so good after all…

Could it be that the Left has been LYING to us for SIXTY YEARS?! Say it ain’t so!

Hungary has one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe while the rest of the EU is pretty much going down the crapper, and being overrun with immigrants. Why? The Hungarian government is abandoning “liberal social policies”, which in the words of the Prime Minister “reject Christian culture.”

Another secret? “The Hungarian man is, by nature, politically incorrect. That is, he has not lost his common sense,” ~ Victor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister

From Yahoo News: “(A Hungarian) does not want to see throngs of people pouring into his country from other cultures who are incapable of adapting and are a threat to public safety, to his job and to his livelihood,” Orban said.

He was referring to the torrent of migrants who have entered European Union-member Hungary this year, many of them fleeing poverty in Kosovo and seeking to reach Germany and other western nations.

Orban has been criticized in the West for declaring last year that he wanted his nation to be an “illiberal” state and that he considers Russia, Turkey and Singapore to be models of success.

On Friday, he hailed the success of his government’s unconventional economic policies, some of which have been criticized by investors for involving higher taxes for banks and many foreign companies.

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