Panetta cuts Obama-Clinton umbilical cord

It is rumored that Leon Panetta will be Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. If so, he quickly needs to distance “Hill” from Barack, as Barack Obama will be deadlier than Ebola to Democrats come 2016.

To begin cutting the umbilical cord, Panetta said that Obama is “not being tough enough on Putin.” Which is to say that Hillary would be.

From Breitbart:

“I think the west needs to be much tougher,” he continued. “The West combined with the United States needs to be much tougher in drawing the line on Vladimir Putin. I think we ought to be providing military aid to the Ukrainians. I think we ought to be bolstering NATO. I think we ought to be doing everything we can to provide other energy supplies so that Russia isn’t the only country that provides energy to those countries in that part of the world. I think we’ve got to take a number of steps here to make very clear to Putin that he cannot simply use military power to be able to invade and take over another country. That simply cannot be allowed to happen.”

When asked if that includes weapons to Ukraine, Panetta said, “Absolutely.”

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