Cop arrested for biting his wife

Cleveland police officer Jeff Griggs was arrested after he tried to bite his wife.

If the NFL Commissioner is under fire for Ray Rice whooping his wife, shouldn’t Eric Holder be responsible for this?

Officer Griggs’ wife was trying to take the memory card from his camera, when he decided to “take a bite out of crime.”

That must have been one heck of a good memory card. What was on the card was shocking…but NOT for him!


As reported in the Times Free Press,

Griggs had been covertly photographing his wife and Dennis Maddux, who were kissing in a borrowed parked vehicle, according to his March 2 complaint for divorce.

His wife stated that she had been discussing a previously unreported incident of spousal abuse with Maddux.

Griggs is currently on paid non-disciplinary administrative leave, said West.

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