If the Government Ran Google….

What an interesting concept by Google: pay people according to their value.

And at the company’s discretion.

The pay rates for the same role at Google can vary from a $10,000 bonus to as much as  $1,000,000. For Liberals, that’s unheard of!

If the government were running Google, everybody would be bonused equally, and according to union guidelines.

The outcome: Google would look like the post office — essentially bankrupt, and have the worst employees in the country.

Shared from Yahoo Finance

Google HR boss Laszlo Bock says you should pay employees what they’re worth, not for the job they do. In the years following its 2004 IPO, Google needed a way to continue its impressive growth without losing its best people to hot startups like Facebook and Twitter.
Laszlo Bock, who became the SVP of Google’s People Operations in 2006, writes in his new book, “Work Rules!” that he and Google’s leadership spent years determining how to keep the retention rate of top talent as high as possible.

They decided on a counterintuitive strategy: to “pay unfairly.”

Bock writes “At Google, we … have situations where two people doing the same work can have a hundred times difference in their impact, and in their rewards”.

Google’s approach to business reminds me of…America! At least the OLD America. The America where you worked hard and good things happen.

America doesn’t guarantee equal results, but equal opportunity. Funny how Google can be owned by Liberals, but is run with Conservative principles.

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