Rahm Emanuel: Caught Breaking the Law on Red-Light Cameras

The laws are for the little people, and not somebody as powerful as the Boss of Chicago.

So no harm, no foul when Mayor Rahm Emanuel is caught “red- handed,” actually in this case, RED- LIGHT CAMERA’D, running red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road.

According to CWBChicago:

New video secured by CWB shows the mayor’s police-driven SUV blatantly running red lights at two busy intersections last month—even going so far as to drive the wrong way into oncoming Cicero Avenue traffic.

When we reported on a rash of mayoral red- light violations last winter, Emanuel blamed the second vehicle of his two-car motorcade: “When there is a tail car…there are some instances where they need to get through the light, because they can’t get separated from the first car, that may be what it is.”

But in both of these newly-secured videos, there is no tail car.  There is only one car—and the violations are among the most flagrant we’ve seen.

How flagrant?  Check out the videos.  First up, running a red light and making a left turn.

Maybe Emanuel should do what Hillary did and go to being chauffeured around, like the rest of the “dead broke.”

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