Republican Congressman Threatens Protester

There are too many Republicans who are willing to sell out this country, and Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) may be yet another lost cause, posing as a Republican.

Knight was called to task for acquiescing to Obama on immigration, and he reportedly told a protester,

“Touch me again, and I’ll drop your *ss.”

One of these days a politician will make that threat to the wrong person.

According to Yahoo:

The protesters accused Knight of voting for “amnesty” and referenced the recent Homeland Security funding debate.  Conservatives insisted the annual legislation to provide money for the agency include provisions undermining President Barack Obama’s executive actions that shielded millions from deportation.

However, after Senate Democrats successfully filibustered the bill going after Obama’s executive orders, House Republicans (including Knight) relented and passed a so-called clean funding bill that did not block the president’s executive orders.  In his conversation with the protesters, Knight insisted he never voted to support Obama’s immigration policy.

“I never voted for amnesty.  Never, ever,” he told them.

Knight’s office told Business Insider that the congressman was on a plane and would be able to provide comment on the incident later.

Nice cover, which is what so many politicians have become great at.

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