Is the World Becoming Racist Against Whites?

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is an African leader that the black press can love.

Mugabe is famously known for the $100 trillion Zimbabwe note that’s worth more as a gag gift than in actual currency, and doesn’t like colonialism by the white man.

A man whose country is a first-class, third-world armpit doesn’t like the way white people run countries.

Zimbabwe’s chief exports:  nonsense and idiocy.

Will the world recognize this blatant racism? I doubt it. The media will just brush it off, likely saying it was warranted due to the oppression of the world by white men. Leftists will applaud Mugabe’s stance against the tyranny of colonialism.

Meanwhile, Mugabe will go back to imprisoning and murdering dissidents, and making Zimbabwe the laughing stock of the world, temporarily replacing America.

Shared from Yahoo News

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe walked away from a group of journalists in South Africa commenting “I don’t want to see a white man”, television footage showed Friday.

Mugabe was visiting Soweto, heartland of the anti-apartheid struggle, on Thursday on the final day of his state visit to South Africa when he approached a group of reporters.

But after apparently spotting an unwelcome face, he suddenly turned on his heel with the brusque remark: “I don’t want to see a white man”.

Since when can a buttmunch like Mugabe determine what the press should look like?

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