Democrats Ponder: Who Can Hurt Black People Most

The Democratic Party’s presidential candidate will be the one who can hurt black people the most.

That’s the one common theme of Democrats dating back to their founding.

Sure, the Party of Old White People will try to draw distinctions, but the one thing all the candidates have in common is their love of destruction of blacks.

The good news is that black Liberals are stupid enough to continue to support their destroyers. This is why O’Malley, the “youngun” in the field, isn’t worried about the albatross of his legacy of destroying black people in Maryland.

In fact, the former Maryland governor unveiled his campaign in Baltimore, the city where he was once mayor — a role that is central to his political persona.

“So what if Baltimore is embroiled in controversy of black death by white cop, I’m declaring!”

O’Malley has made the presidential circuit, so it’s no surprise he finally declared. He must know more about the potential for Hillary’s demise, given the timing. It’s like O’Malley said, “The time to put my foot on Hillary’s throat is now; Baltimore be damned!”

What’s O’Malley touting?

Well, it’s not the fact that because he sucked so bad as governor, a Republican actually won the next election. Talk about a shocker!

No, O’Malley is touting that under his leadership, the state tightened gun laws, implemented a progressive tax code and legalized same-sex marriage. He also expanded the state’s health care rolls, championed ObamaCare and signed a bill raising the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Let’s shine the spotlight on this. Baltimore’s violent crime in 2014 was 370 percent higher than the national average. So much for tightening the gun laws. I’d say they should have loosened them.

Here’s some Liberal brilliance from O’Malley who bragged about his reduction of violent crime:

“…probably now 1,000 mostly young, poor African-American men who did not die violent deaths in our city [because of these policies].”

Really? And how would we prove this? How about we just focus on the, what was it…370 PERCENT HIGHER RATE OF VIOLENT CRIME IN BALTIMORE.

O’Malley’s Liberal policies caused Baltimore to almost go into receivership, and the city is still in big trouble. If it weren’t for the hardworking, taxpaying suburbanites, Maryland would be a complete cesspool, and not just Baltimore.

On O’Malley’s point about ObamaCare, do I really need to explain the destruction it has had on the economy?

Finally, every time a white Liberal brags about raising the minimum wage, we should remind them of the unemployment rate among blacks, and call them RACISTS!




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