#OnlyStupidBlackLivesMatter apparently

Race pimps won’t tell you these stories, because these stories showcase the animals that exist in the black community.

Sure #BlackLivesMatter, as long as you want to remain stupid and uninformed.

Watch what happens to this young black scholar, as other black teens find out that he made the honor roll.


The reason I taught my sons to fight is for this exact reason. Stupid knuckledragging black people will do ANYTHING to keep a kid from succeeding. Want to “act white,” ergo SMART, we will beat the smarts out of you.

And you have smooth criminals like Barack Obama aided by his white funders and enablers perpetuating this nonsense, because those SELLOUTS don’t have the guts to address this very real problem.

Black Liberals should be ASHAMED of themselves, that’s if they had the brain power to even comprehend the game being played on them.

As for me, I’d love to find that young man and remove him from that zoo, aka black neighborhood. Or I’d teach him how to kick the living crap out of everybody in that neighborhood…HIS CHOICE!

Do you think Malik Shabazz or any other black race pimp, e.g. NAACP, New Black Panther Party, etc will say anything against this young #BlackLivesMatter?

No, because for them, only #OnlyStupidBlackLivesMatter.

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