Hillary Clinton: Yep…she’s blonde

America has been the most technologically advance country in the world, or at least the only one that matters.

Despite whatever technological infrastructures occurring in Scandinavia, for example, they are not winning against America. Despite the great roads and bridges in Germany, nobody is talking about German ingenuity.

But Americans have competition. Move over white people: the smartest people are now Asian. And most of the Asian countries have very little of what Liberals are constantly saying is important.

In case you’re wondering when America got so dumb, it’s when Liberals took over the country.

In Hillary Clinton’s re-launch speech she discussed what America needs to get ahead again:

“We will also connect workers to their jobs and businesses.  Customers will have a better chance to actually get where they need and get what they desire with roads, railways, bridges, airports, ports, and broadband brought up to global standards for the 21st century”



First, Hillary nor any other Liberal would ignore a baboon in a purple tuxedo, if it resembled a JOB! But the idea that roads and bridges are what create jobs is ridiculous.

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Further, Hillary actually said that Americans are under the mistaken idea that BUSINESSES create jobs. Well color me “mistaken.”

And Liberal morons want her to be president of the biggest economy in the world?

If businesses don’t create jobs, why are Liberals constantly touting their ability to grow businesses.

How do India and China accomplish what they have, which is making even smart white folks look ordinary? It’s not by roads and bridges. It’s from implementing a plan to make their countries #1.

Hillary and most other Liberals love bureaucracy. They lure you in with jobs, and then bureaucrat the hell out of you. The government doesn’t care if your company is solvent long-term. They care that you pay them for the length of time you can survive. They will extort the next foolish business owner just like you.

If roads and bridges are the key to job growth, let’s just put everybody to work building roads and bridges?


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