Minimum Wage is Killing Black People?

Personally I can’t wait for white Democrat politicians to have to explain why black people can’t get even minimum wage jobs when the minimum wage is $15 an hour.

These Leftist morons haven’t thought this one through, as if you think black people are unemployed with a minimum wage of $7.65 an hour, wait until $15 an hour hits.

Be careful what you wish for Leftists, because capitalist will “make do without.” As in “without employees.”

But Leftist politicians know how to get black Liberals frothing at the mouth. One lady blames the death of her 23-year- old son from a heart attack on the minimum wage, as reported by STL Today:

Zenova Poynter told a committee of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night that the current minimum wage does not provide enough money to live on, and she blamed that partly for her 23-year-old son’s sudden death from cardiac arrest. Her son, Doug Poynter, was a student, part-time worker and had no health care.

“Like so many people only making minimum wage — and not a living wage — my son had to make the tough decision between going to the doctor or providing for his family, keeping a roof over their head and putting food on the table,” Poynter said, breaking into tears. “And these are the same hard choices that so many working people earning minimum wage are forced to make every day.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for ObamaCare, now is it? Further, if a grown man is too stupid to chose life over work, then why is that society’s fault?

The article goes on:

The Ways and Means committee heard similar emotional testimony from a crowd of about 150 for hours Tuesday night on a proposal to increase the minimum wage in the city of St. Louis to $15 an hour. It’s now $7.65.

So Americans are supposed to believe that the minimum wage will essentially double, taking burger-flipping jobs to $30,000 a year with no impact? What will people with DEGREES expect, if their current degree gets them what will soon be minimum wage.

Businesses responded, as the Missouri Restaurant Association and restaurant owners said they could not afford the wage hike. Some restaurants will go out of business and others will have to cut back on employees, they said.

Iron Barley owner Tom Coghill said that the $15-an-hour wage “would put me right out in a matter of months.”

How many entrepreneurs will be willing to pay some 16- year- old kid $30,000 a year, as he or she takes NO salary.

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