Will the Left support the Cracker struggle

First there was Cracker Barrel? If white folks get their way on this one, it’s a slippery slope.

Will the Keebler elves be jailed? Will Nabisco be accused of the most heinous of cracker crimes, having invented the SALTINE?!

Fox Atlanta reports that a “satirical petition posted on the website Change.org is going viral. The petition demands that restaurant owners change the name of “Cracker Barrel”, among other things.

Not only does the petition call for a change in the name of the well branded American restaurant, but also the Cracker Barrel logo. It is said that the logo is disparaging against European-Americans, as it depicts European-Americans (note the intentional hyphenation) people who sit on chairs and drink too much from a barrel.


Finally white people are getting it; fighting back as it were.

Can you imagine if “cracker” becomes the “c-word.” What will mean-spirited harlots do? The blowback could be tremendous to just the Hillary Clinton campaign alone!

Do you have any idea how many types of crackers are out there?

And if white people get their way on this, the implications are astounding.

White Sale, White House, white bread, White Lightening, White Sox , White Cloud, White Snake, White Christmas, white People–nah, they will still be fair game.

There are white knight, white boards, white caps, white fish, white lie, white head (the only thing more disgusting? You guess it…the BLACK HEAD!)

There is white-out, whitewash, whitewall, and the one Hillary is happy to see gone: Whitewater.

To be fair, we would have to consider what to do with Black Friday, (so what it’s actually a good thing!), blackout, Black Panthers, blacktop, black ice, blackball, Blackberry, blacklist, blackmail, and blacksmith.

Ok, let’s just go for it, shall we, and include any lingering racially insensitive brands, like Bojangles Chicken, Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat, Miss Chiquita, Eskimo Pie, and Uncle Ben’s

And we can’t forget the gays, so Dairy Queen, Baptist, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, and Episcopalian, Christian, and church shall be stricken.


We know we missed a few, so feel free to comment on your racially, culturally, religiously, stupidly insensitive brand.

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