The Dirt on Jorge Ramos

Once upon a time when an activist stood up at a press conference and interrupted a politician with accusations, it was called “heckling.”

Politicians have been heckled forever. It’s usually nothing more than a blurb in the news. That is, unless the billionaire-reality-show-star-turned-politician is Donald Trump.

A few nights ago, a fiery Univision reporter named Jorge Ramos confronted an equally fiery Trump at a press conference in Iowa. Their flames met and set off a media bonfire. Suddenly the story was about Trump vs. Ramos and not about anything else Trump said regarding his campaign.

The media reported that Ramos is arguably the most famous current voice of the Hispanic media. His opinions carry weight in the Latino community. His presence at the presser was not as a reporter seeking dialogue, but as a hitman for the Liberal media.

Let’s expose Jorge for what he is.

At a recent event I attended with Laura Ingraham, she reported that she had callers to her radio show that corrected the record on Ramos, and that Ramos is not the respected journalist our Leftist media reports. Instead he is consider the “Al Sharpton” of the Hispanic community, and it wasn’t a compliment. Other callers said that Hispanics know that Ramos is all about Ramos, and he has little to no credibility in the Hispanic community.

Further, Ramos’s daughter works for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and he has been an amnesty advocate for illegal immigrants.

That’s what I call a “one-two knockout punch.”

Trump has successfully brought attention to securing the American border, and the Left want people to believe that Hispanics are against this. The fact is a secured border is popular among most Americans, who understand the need to stem the flow of illegals to protect our economy and for our national security.

The media’s coverage was tilted along ideological lines, some blaming Trump and some blaming Ramos for the confrontation. In a CNN interview with Ramos as reported by Yahoo News:

“Cooper asked Ramos what he thought Trump meant by that, to which Ramos answered, ‘the same kind of language that we hear from people who are against immigrants… I’m a U.S. citizen. This is not Donald Trump’s country, this is our country.’”

Last I heard, Trump is a citizen with a voice. The coverage in a Fox News article was more Trump-friendly:

What Ramos did was a stunt, and it has backfired. He ran into a man who really doesn’t give a crap about Ramos. Like Trump or not, on this issue he is spot on, and he handled Ramos appropriately.

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