Donald Trump: How He Will Win The Black Vote From Democrats

By Dave Weinbaum

Can Donald Trump win the black vote. Sure he can. And like Bill Clinton, Trump can be considered the next black president, and here are 8 reasons why:

  1. Black people love “street names.” And like Jay-Z, Fiddy Cent and others, “The Donald” has a street name. He even has more than one, with his most iconic simply being “Trump.”
  2. He’s a reality show pioneer and superstar. Black people love entertainers, and Trump is certainly that.
  3. He is light years ahead of any politician I know in going on TV, radio, news conferences and town halls. He was in last week’s National Enquirer with a story he sponsored.
  4. He’s the Daddy Warbucks, and he doesn’t apologize for his bling. He owns an AF1, making his entrances and exits quite memorable. For smaller venues like Iowa, Trump uses his helicopter—giving rides to the kiddies (potential lawsuit, be damned; let the kids play!) What poor black kid hasn’t fantasized about being rich!
  5. He has been on both side of issues, and doesn’t apologize for his evolution. You get in his face and he strikes back ten times harder. Many black man and women I know understands and likes this.
  6. He’s for sending illegal aliens back to their home countries, freeing opportunities for adult and teen black employment.
  7. He is accommodating, calm, relatively quick-witted, and based on his success, unafraid that he can fix America.
  8. He’s a winner, who has lost…four times. Four times Trump filed for bankruptcy, so he’s fallible. But blacks see this as rising from the ashes, and he’s proof that it can be done.

Omarosa, a black TV game show host and former Apprentice star sided with Trump in the spat he had with Megyn Kelly, saying that Kelly had a bone to pick and she wasn’t fair with the Donald. (From The Grio). Even Chris “Tingle” Matthews said Trump is a much better leader at this point in the race than Obama was. (Understatement of the century)? (From The Grio)

And there are others.

I first recognized there might be a glint of support for Trump when I scanned the home page of Drudge Report. Two black gals, calling themselves WeBeSisters, looked back at me from atop the headlines. I listened to their YouTube. They were unabashedly Stumping for Trump and made sense doing it. WeBeSisters is their name, and you can find them on their website. MSNBC banned them from an interview, because they likely found out that the women were not joking. They love them some Trump!

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Trump is living the life that many poor, middle, and upper class consider heaven. Even if he’s white and had a rich dad, he has grown a company that spans the world. He epitomizes the American Dream and can communicate how they can get there too.

The Era of Obama is ending. I’m sure after the last seven years, many blacks know they’ve been hustled by President Obama and the Democratic Party. They feel it in their hearts and pocketbooks. Plus, their neighborhoods are burning up with riots and suffering mightily from black on black murders.

Trump represents optimism for them, from a proven businessman, who’s not afraid to raise the curtain on DC.

If the Republicans don’t watch out, Trump will secure the black vote and “There will be hell TOUPEE!”

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