If White People Are So Bad – Part Two

America isn’t the only country with an immigrant problem. It seems that people of color from all over the globe want to live where white people are.

Oh, I know that sounds either (1) like a white supremacist’s comment, or (2) that of a Step-N-Fetchit black man. Wait, there is another possibility: it’s the TRUTH!

I wrote recently, “If white people are so bad,” the obvious finish being, then why do people of color want to live with them. There is no mass exodus of whites ANYWHERE, attempting to move to Asia, Africa, South America, or the Middle East.

When white people make that drastic of a move, they go big. You’ve likely seen them on one of the cable shows, buying a retirement home in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, the south of Spain, and so on. They don’t move to get on the public dole either; they move for adventure, and contribute greatly to the communities where they ultimately settle.

Such is not necessarily the case when people of color move. And that’s created a problem in Britain, where one man dares speak the truth. As reported in the Huffington Post:

Britain’s foreign secretary has sparked a fierce backlash for comments he made on Sunday that “millions” of African migrants would threaten citizens’ living standards.

Philip Hammond claimed that large numbers of desperate immigrants were “marauding” around Europe, pushing down living standards and social structures.

Hammond is right. Many people leaving Africa have no idea what true civilization looks like. Many are trapped in a time warp, and Liberals all over the world won’t be satisfied until the standards are lowered for everybody.

I’m not anti-immigration, but there should be a system, and it should assimilate little by little, so the immigrants have time to understand the culture of THEIR NEW HOME!

As for Hammond, he’s catching hell, as the article continues:

But the Runnymede and Weybridge MP triggered a barrage of criticism from rights groups, who rubbished Mr Hammond’s “mean-spirited response” as “shameful”.

Steve Symonds of Amnesty International UK called for the focus on the influx of immigrants to Europe to be shifted away from protectionist outcries and instead for ministerial interventions to better reflect humanitarian issues.

“Rather than throwing up the drawbridge and talking about how Europe can ‘protect’ itself from migrants, Mr Hammond should be working with our EU partners to ensure that people don’t drown in the Mediterranean or get crushed beneath lorries at Calais,” he said.

You can bet the bleeding hearts in Britain will live nowhere near the people for whom they fight. It’s funny that Liberals complain of the colonization of African and other countries by the white man, and we have all those people of color running to be colonized.




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