Economy Sucks When Thieves Steal This

In the Quivira Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Wichita, a 300 pound eagle statue worth $8000 was stolen. The bronze statue, which took 4 men to install, was ripped off of the concrete pedestal that it was bolted to.

This has a lot of the people that work at the office wondering not only why, but how? It’s very unwieldy, and hard to transport. It’s not something you say, “Hey, I want that!” and load into your Honda Civic. This thing needs a pickup to move, and tools to take off the foundation (at least a chain), and likely a couple of people to lift it.

Huge, unique, and easily recognizable! Not an easy sell.


Update: They found it, thanks to a tip buried in some guy’s back yard. Some people.

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