Emails Showcase Hillary Clinton Dumber than Obama

So we now know that Hillary Clinton’s crimes are worst than Petraeus’, but a former Secretary of State trumps a former general. That is the elitist creed.

Big deal that in the batch of Hillary Clinton emails, there were 215 classified messages, or 1 of every 18 messages. For those keeping count, this brings the number up to 400, and three of the messages are marked “SECRET,” one of the higher levels of classifications used by the government.

In the spirit of transparency, it took a federal judge to order the release from the Clinton camp.

One of the funnier revelations uncovered through the emails is just how stupid Hillary Clinton is. The Left want us to believe that Hillary Clinton is competent, smart, downright intellectual. This is the woman who was confused by two email systems, right. Then she made the admittedly stupid “mistake” of setting up her own server, instead of using the taxpayer-funded system that every other member of the State Department uses.

Worse yet, we find out through the emails, that Hillary Clinton can’t even work her PHONE!

Hillary can't use phone

Further, as The Daily Mail reports:

After a year on the job, President Obama’s secretary of state didn’t know her own phone number – and was astonished to find that the White House operator wouldn’t treat her like a VIP.

She vented in February 2010 to Abedin that she couldn’t place calls to the presidential mansion when she wasn’t in her office.

‘Right now I’m fighting w [sic] the WH operator who doesn’t believe I am who I say,’ Hillary wrote, ‘and wants my direct office line even tho I’m not there and I just gave him my home # and the State Dept # and I told him I had no idea what my direct office # was since I didn’t call myself.’

Another excerpt from The Daily Mail we learn just how detached Hillary Clinton is:

One episode that quickly drew snickers in Republican circles came from July 2011 when top aide Huma Abedin emailed Clinton a New York Times article about North Africa titled ‘Problems With Logistics, Coordination and Rivalries Hamper Libya’s Rebels.’

Clinton’s reply had nothing to do with the fight against strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

‘The hotel manager asked me last night to try their special breakfast,’ she wrote Abedin.

‘They may try to send [it] up – did they?’

Hillary couldn’t be bothered about Gaddafi being public sodomized, right before being dragged to his death by his unadoring public. After all, it was time for BREAKFAST!

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