Funny Man Completely Destroys Feminism Using Feminists

Feminists are the best examples of why feminism sucks. This guy documents feminism in all its hairy-chested, hairy-legged, hairy underarms, unibrow glory.

This video is not PC, which is why we are posting it. It’s time for a reality check on feminism, aka “I hate men and America”ism.


The video basically points out that most feminists are out of shape and ugly. What?! Next you’ll find out that a lot of terrorists are Muslims. Yeah, right!

So it goes on to ask the serious question which came first, the ugly or the feminism? Good query. Does feminism make you ugly, or do ugly women gravitate towards feminism?

Well, luckily we may have our answer, as UCLA has done a study on it. Spoiler alert: both are true! Ugly women gravitate to feminism because it validates them, and the validation from it keeps them from improving themselves. After all, if they decide they like men, they can get a “modern” man, basically a pseudo man that knows her shoe size. And feminists are fat and ugly!

Mic drop…BOOM!

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