It’s Time Trump Goes After Democrats

Donald Trump did a service to Republicans initially, bringing common sense to what were considered touchy subjects by the RINOs. Democrats had kept Republicans at bay on subject like illegal immigration, even the War on Women, and Trump brought these and other issue to the fore.

However, Trump is now an irritant. He continues to attack Republicans for things that frankly are not worth discussing. His most recent attack was not even on a candidate, but a former president.

I’m far from a Bush fan, as I think his “compassionate Conservatism” was a cover for being a fiscal Liberal. Bush is far from a great president in many ways. But to blame him for 9-11 is disingenuous, and makes me question Trump’s motives.


Is The Donald not enough love on the right, so he’s pandering to the Left and pulling the “Bush Card?”

9-11 is the fault of Bill Clinton…period. Clinton had opportunities to do more to combat terror, but instead chose to have fellatio performed on him in the White House. And you know that Bill Clinton spent more time arranging sexual trysts, than he did worrying about terrorism.

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But Trump didn’t attack Clinton, instead choosing to cater to the Left’s “Hate Bush” appetite.

What Trump is saying without saying it, is he knows that he will not be the candidate. Because the true Republican candidate will be the person focused on the REAL enemy: the Democrats. Lord knows there is plenty of fodder.

Hillary Clinton has more than her emails in her closet, and her femininity is nirvana. Her only claim is to want to be the first woman president. She even had the nerve to say that her stint at the State Department makes her presidential material. Trump has said nothing.

There is a saying in politics, and that is “Don’t fight down.” Trump is the man on top, and he should disregard any attacks on him, yet he seems to relish in them. To be a man of vision, Trump seems to showcase his myopia, and that’s why the cracks are beginning to show in his armor.

Trump is a good marketer. He needs to focus that marketing and branding acumen against the Left, so whatever happens, he has laid runway for the Republican candidate, especially if it’s him.




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