Obama: President Cop Killa

Not only is Obama the president who has raised lawlessness to unprecedented levels, he is also the most notorious cop killer to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Can you imagine what a Republican president who incited this much violence against the police would be going through?

Hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear about a police officer being killed. In most cases, these officers are being hunted.

In one of the latest incidents, New York City police officer Randolph Holder, 33, is the fourth law enforcer murdered in the city in the last 11 months. He was shot in the head, while chasing a robbery suspect, authorities said. Officer Holder was shot while responding to reports of a gunman in East Harlem,

Holder is black and his shooter is black. For those of you who aren’t aware, Barack Obama claims to be black, and he recently said that Black Lives Matter. He’s adamant that things that happen in the black community are exclusive to the blacks, and he’s right. Black Liberals are the most ignorant group of people in America.

These are the people who need the police and utilize the police the most. Black Liberals constitute the most criminal element of American society, and when they are not killing police, they are making the lives of police miserable.

And if cops have an arch enemy, it’s Barack Obama.

Obama has done more to hurt both the police and the black community that any president. Obama knows what’s happening in the black community. He has practically given the black community a license to kill.


And yet this moron of presidential proportions continues to speak out for the terrorist group known as #BlackLivesMatters. There is only one reason for this, and that is Barack Obama is so invested in Leftism, that he is willing to allow a rich racist white woman ascend to the throne.

So what Hillary Clinton accepts awards from organizations as vile as the Democrats’ own KKK. Planned Parenthood’s purpose was to kill black people, but as the Left says, “#BlackLivesMatter”.

Whether its cops or kids, Obama is complicit, because as black Democrat leaders have said, “In order to get change, you have to crack a few eggs.” Black Liberals, you’ve been warned. You are “a few egg.”

Barack Obama is not looking for social justice, he’s looking to keep a few selective people in power. And if you think they won’t use cops against you when it suits their nefarious needs, then you are indeed eggheads waiting for the night stick. Compliments of Notorious BHO.

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