Trump On Islamic Terrorists: They’re Not Swedish!

Donald Trump sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday night for a long-form interview.  Lemon asked Trump about foreign policy, specifically referring to recent developments in Syria and Russia’s involvement in the region.  Trump took the opportunity to promise that if elected President, any of the two hundred thousand refugees and migrants from Syria promised to be brought in by President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration would be going back.

Lemon also asked Trump about the recent hoopla surrounding the “anti-Muslim” statement and question he received from an alleged supporter at one of his campaign rallies.  Trump took the opportunity to openly state that he rejected the “politically correct” narrative of divorcing Islamic terrorism and Jihadism entirely from Islam and Muslims.  Stating that he has many Muslim friends who are “tremendous people”, he also quipped that the people who knocked down the World Trade Center weren’t from Sweden.

Lemon also asked his version of “when did you stop beating your wife?”, asking Trump is he was homophobic or racist.  On a brighter note, the interview closed out with a warm segment speaking about Donald Trump’s wife and children.

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