Organ Donor Racial Profiling

We know what it cost the citizens of Baltimore, when drug dealer and small time crook Freddie Gray died. A cool $6.8 million. Neighborhood terrorist, PCP-crazed LaQuand McDonald fetched $5 million for his family.

The fact is cops shootings have become the new lotto, paying better than life insurance, with much better odds than Vegas!

These shootings are infrequent, despite the protestations of #BlackLivesMatter, and others on the Left creating false narratives. But there are situations where good people die erroneously at almost the same rate as “bad shoots” by police. And it has to do with organ donations.

Recently a kidney donor died during surgery, and it got me to thinking, “What does the life of a good person cost?”

Dr. Steven Katznelson, medical director of California Pacific Medical Center’s kidney transplantation program in San Francisco, called the donor’s death a “nightmare scenario.”

“We worry about it every day,” he said. “For a healthy person who goes under general anesthesia, there’s always a risk.”

UCSF officials said the recipient’s new kidney is working properly but they declined to identify the patient or the deceased donor. They wouldn’t discuss the case further.

The thing that intrigued me about the story is that they didn’t release the ethnicity of the decedent. I’m not sure why, since it’s not like the donor was a black thug or a Muslim terrorist, where it’s almost required by law not to mention either. So why not say the ethnicity of patient or donor?

I’m not sure of the demographics of donor deaths, but I suspect they removing cases where family members are involved, organ donors are overwhelmingly white. So if you are relying on the goodness of strangers for a new liver, you better hope you live around lots of white folks, as black thugs and Muslim terrorists don’t rank high on donating organs. Creating organ donors, yes; donating, not so much.

I want to know if there is a place where I can find the RACIAL MAKEUP OF DONOR KIDNEY DEATHS!?

Four kidney donor deaths, including the one at UCSF, have been reported since 2014, according to the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, which runs the United Network for Organ Sharing waiting list and oversees transplantation nationwide.

This is about the same frequency of a bad cop shoot, but there are no protests of hospitals. I’m not sure what the payout will be for the kidney donor, but we will continue to follow this story because #ALLKidneysMatter.






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