Hillary Clinton’s Cayman Account Hypocrisies

The Clintons are notorious for skirting the law. Actually that’s not true.

The Clintons are notorious for breaking the law, and blatantly so. The Clinton Foundation is a money-laundering scheme that would have “average” Americans jailed with multiple counts of fraud and other malfeasance, but not so far for the DC Hillbillies.

Hillary Clinton is now famous for her declaration of being “dead broke,” and I love when questioned about her $350,000 speaking fees, she said she “donated” them…to The Clinton Foundation.


The New York Post has discovered even more hypocrisy of the woman who is campaigning on helping the little people, by going after those who would dare hide money in tax schemes:

Hillary Clinton last week lunged into her most flagrant fit of hypocrisy yet.

With Bernie Sanders surging, she took new aim at the rich — including their use of tax dodges.

She told MSNBC: “We can go after some of these schemes … the kind of misclassifying of income, trying to make it look like it’s a capital gain, when it’s really ordinary income, going ahead and routing income through the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands or wherever.”

Huh. Bloomberg News reported in 2014 on the Clintons’ use of a prime tax dodge: They put their Chappaqua home into a “residence trust” in 2010. Such trusts can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes.

Meanwhile, the Clintons’ family wealth has grown big-time thanks to firms with significant holdings in places like . . . the Caymans. I’m not sure of the latest numbers, but the Clintons are said to be worth north of $100 million.

As The Daily Caller noted, Bill Clinton spent years as a partner in his (now-ex-) buddy Ron Burkle’s investment fund Yucaipa Global — registered in the Cayman Islands. In five years, Bill pocketed at least $10 million. And yet again, we get the connection whereby in 2011, Hillary’s hubby also earned at least $225,000 in speaking fees from Whisky Productions for an “event that will target the business community in Grand Cayman.”

But the hypocrisy doesn’t end there as Chelsea Clinton’s hubby, Marc Mezvinsky is a partner in a hedge fund with multiple holdings incorporated in the Cayman Islands. That Chelsea Clinton apple didn’t fall to far from the Hillary “Stand by your unscrupulous Man” Clinton tree, now did it.

Let’s hope the 100+ agents at the FBI who are bathing in Clinton emails regale us soon with Hillary and Bill Clinton email around that infamous Clinton Foundation.

As one writer put it, “A candidate luxuriating in the poshest glass house should think twice before throwing populist stones.”


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