Hillary Clinton Wants Obama to Have a Spot in Her Administration

According a story I read on Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton said at a town hall meeting in Iowa, that she believes Barack Obama would be a great Supreme Court justice.

Why shouldn’t a guy who was considered a poor lawyer at a mediocre firm, and who has since “retired” from the law make a great Supreme Court Justice?!

If we appoint Obama, let’s just go CRAZY!

What about Bill Clinton as well, Hillary!? He’s a fine candidate, since he is now disbarred. Then, what about Chelsea! So what she has no license. And let’s not forget Michelle Obama, as a fine black woman Affirmative Action SCOTUS, although her law license is currently “inactive.”

And just in case Hillary Clinton gets one more appointee, why not the clerk at 7-Eleven or the next person you see with a sign, “Will work for food.”


Clinton supposedly said,

“I will certainly take that under advisement,” she said in Decorah, responding to a man’s recommendation. “I mean, he’s brilliant, he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor, so he’s got lots of credentials.”

That would be a crook appointing a crook for sure!

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Understand that Barack Obama has Hillary Clinton’s lips tattooed on his buttocks, because this chick is doing everything she can to stay out of prison!

Hillary Clinton is over a barrel, and to paraphrase Jamie Foxx, “Obama is Hillary’s Lord and Savior.”The woman who abandoned Obama’s cabinet and most of his policies in order to clear an unfettered path to the presidency is now performing daily Lewinsky’s on the man, metaphorically speaking.

She acknowledged that there might be a few obstacles in the way, first and foremost whether Obama would want the job after eight years in the White House. “He may have a few other things to do,” she said, “but I’ll tell you, that’s a great idea.”

“We do have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed,” she said.

Oh, and there is that pesky little thing called a LAW LICENSE that might stand in the way. Obama retired his back in 2009.



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