Muslim Mayhem ALL Over Europe

Originally we were told that Muslims were only menacing people in Cologne, where about 1000 Muslim men robbed and raped women at a train station

As it turns out, these attacks appear to be as coordinated as their other jihad.

Below is a collective thread for these incidents which are being reported as possibly coordinated and having been committed by groups of male immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

In scenes similar to those in Cologne, several women have reported New Year sexual assaults to police in Frankfurt.

In one case that took place shortly after midnight a group of around ten men encircled three women and touched them in a massively inappropriate manner, Spiegel reports.

The women reported the cases on Tuesday afternoon.

The men were of north African appearance who spoke in broken English with strong Arabic accents, police said.

“We didn’t know of the phenomenon where groups of men severely sexual molest women until now,” said a police spokesperson.

In another incident four women were assaulted by a group of three men who groped them. One of the women had her mobile phone stolen. As yet no description of the men has been published.

In Hamburg the number of women who have reported being sexually assaulted on New Year has risen to 39, police report.

Twenty six new cases of theft or sexual assault have been reported in the port city over the past 24 hours.

Details of sexual assaults in Hamburg have been slow to emerge. It seems, though, that the attacks took place in several spots, but were mainly focused on the Reeperbahn, the city’s best known night spot.

The one common thread to these assaults were the many Muslim men who participated. If you believe the Muslim problem is going to get better, you’d better think again! You can bet that whatever our cultural celebration, there will be Muslim men there to create problems, testing men all over the world to see if there are any real men left.

I can’t speak for the Left, but there are REAL men on the right!

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