An ObamaCare Story The Left Doesn’t Want Told

Barbara Dawson’s recent death at a Florida hospital emergency room is ObamaCare personified.

Barbara went to the hospital, because she felt bad; horrible in fact. After processing her in and stabilizing her, the Blountstown FL hospital wanted to discharge her.

Barbara resisted. She knew something was wrong…very wrong. The hospital had done its job under ObamaCare, as they put a “band-aid on a bullet hole.” Hospitals under ObamaCare have no reason to dig deeper, to find out the underlying problem. Their job under ObamaCare is to flip patients.

Barbara Dawson knew that her discharge meant her death. She was struggling physically, as her issues were serious. She would not allow the hospital to simply “stabilize her,” and send her home to die. Hospitals are supposed to help.

“No, no, no, no,” Dawson implores the responding officer when he begins talking with her. She asks him to leave the room and says she is feeling sick.

So the hospital did what ObamaCare instructed it to do. Call the police. You can bet the next call would have been to the IRS.

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The cops show up, and they do their job, which in this case was to kill this black woman. It’s only fitting in the Time of Obama that he get the cops to do his dirty work.

In audio captured by his vehicle’s dashcam video, the officer calmly responds:

“Here’s what’s going to happen. You can walk out of this hospital peacefully or I can take you out of the hospital.” Dawson repeatedly cries out, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”

After she is removed and taken outside, Dawson collapses and lies on a parking lot for nearly 20 minutes before she is rushed back into the hospital. She is declared dead about 90 minutes after the officer arrived.

This is how ObamaCare works. This is the side of ObamaCare that you will NEVER hear the Left talk about. #BlackLivesMatter won’t discuss Barbara Dawson, because she doesn’t fit their narrative, not even when she is indirectly killed by this cop.

Obama won’t cry for Barbara Dawson, nor will he discuss the 120,000 patients a year who are victims of malpractice. There is no money in banning doctors, nor can the government control citizens if doctors are banned.

Barbara Dawson will be but a footnote. A victim of ObamaCare who nobody knows.

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