Reince Priebus: Wake The F Up!

How many missed opportunities does Reince Priebus have to make before Republicans recognize that he’s either a Democrat shill or just another in the long line incompetents running the GOP?

With the help of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Priebus made the Confederate Flag the equivalent of the swastika, and gladly took ownership. All because some white kid with no association to the Republican Party shot up a black church.

He squandered the call for tougher border security, when an illegal killed Kathryn Steinle, using a gun stolen from Obama’s own Department of Justice.

When two Muslim terrorists killed 14 Christians in San Bernardino, Priebus was quieter than Anne Frank hiding from the Germans.

Priebus could easily have hammered Hillary Clinton on her acceptance of Planned Parenthood’s very racist Margaret Sanger award, but he has said nothing. And if that wasn’t enough, there was Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. Here’s a freebie for you Reince.

Don’t vote Democrats. The ass you save may be your own! – The Republicans

Priebus has said practically nothing on the fact that Hillary Clinton got four of her State Department employees killed, and she blamed them:

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They knew the risks.” – H. Clinton

And what of all The Clinton Foundation accounting irregularities? Haitians are picketing Bill Clinton’s Harlem office routinely, upset at the amount of money that has actually gotten to Haiti, versus the lavish lifestyles of the “dead broke” Clintons, and the GOP has not said a word about it.

The only thing to ask Priebus is, “What the F are you thinking!!?”

The latest potential for the Republicans comes with Rahm Emanuel. The man interfered with an investigation of a cop shooting, fighting to keep the evidence from seeing the light of day. The buck stopped with Emanuel.

For Priebus, the narrative should have been another big city Democrat Mayor is the very reason for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This movement, though fraudulent, has at least decided to place the blame where it belongs…on Democrats!

As reported by the Washington Post:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut short a family vacation this past week and returned to a city in crisis: On the North Side, more than a dozen people stood outside his house, hurling insults. On the West Side, a close aide was punched and kicked while attending a prayer vigil for a police shooting victim. And all week long, there were protesters, haunting one of Emanuel’s biggest political donors, haranguing his police force, beating a papier-mâché likeness of his face at City Hall.

More than a month has passed since a judge forced Emanuel (D) and other city officials to release a graphic video of a white Chicago police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times.But public anger over the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in October 2014 has not dissipated. Instead, it has grown bitter and more personal.

“Oh, it’s personal, all right. We’re making it personal,” yelled Ja’Mal Green, 20, a former Emanuel supporter who spent hours in bone-cold weather on the sidewalk outside the mayor’s spacious Ravenswood home, mocking him and urging him to resign.

Emanuel has done everything he can to squash this, but it won’t go away. Finally there is a reason for black Liberals to be mad, not at cops necessarily, as the cop will get his justice. But the real culprit who hid what appears to be a “bad shoot” from the public to save his own political skin.

I love how the article continues,

The protests reflect frustration with chronic problems Emanuel inherited in Chicago, a city long plagued by police brutality, failing schools, rampant gang violence and dire ­finances. But as Emanuel enters his second term, critics say he has deepened distrust in City Hall through a string of scandals affecting his administration, a lack of transparency and his abrasive personal style.

Ok, I’ll bite. So exactly who did Emanuel inherit these “chronic problems” from? ANOTHER DEMOCRAT!

Reince Priebus has BUILT-IN, just add water, outreach here. All he needs to do is add a little pressure to the flimsy neck of Emanuel, and it will snap like a twig. But the Republicans are a total no show. By changing politics in Chicago or [insert Democrat-run city here], he could change politics forever. And God forbid the Republicans actually address issues like unfair sentencing, and implement small but effective projects to get young black teens off the streets and in gainful employment.

There is no leadership with Republicans, and I’m tired of covering for their ineffectiveness. The time has passed for us to depend in any way on the Republicans. It’s time for new and REAL leadership, so join me here, and we make sure that the next crop of Republicans represent the people, and are true warriors.





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