Trump Bringing in the Black Vote from Democrats

Say what you want about Trump, there is no doubt he is shaking things up. He has done more to bring the black vote to Republicans, than Reince Priebus has done during his tenure. He’s done more than Republicans have done in decades.

The black woman in this video is a self-described Democrat. She credits Trump for waking her from her stupor.

She is not some weirdo like the “ObamaPhone Lady,” and instead a very sane woman who admits she has been wrong for supporting Democrats all these years.

Now a Trump supporter, she has an out of work son and noticed that the employment rate for black men is horrendous, and the Democrats want to bring in more “amigos.”

She has officially changed her tune, and is on the road to recovery from the disease of Liberalism. How many more of her exist? We may soon find out.

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