Guess Who Got Arrested…Seriously!

When I got news that Santa Claus was arrested for driving the wrong way, I panicked.

I know what happened to Bruce Jenner, when he became Caitlyn. Immediately his driving skills were diminished and Caitlyn killed somebody in a car wreck. As it turns out, Santa had not had a sex change.

No. Thankfully Santa Claus was just…well, drunk!

Santa Claus arrestedAccording to FOX News,

A man legally named Santa Claus was arrested after police in Idaho said they saw him driving on the wrong side of the street.

KREM-TV in Spokane, Washington, reports that 67-year-old Claus initially was booked on one count of DUI. He later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless driving. He paid a $700 fine.

This is not going to look good on his resume!

You know times are tough when Santa Claus sold the sleigh, bought a hoop-t, and is driving drunk.

Be careful with next year’s Elf on the Shelf, or you could get Elf on the Lam!


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